Is there a free online 3d modeling site that is recommended for beginners? I would prefer if it could export to *.obj so I could use it with pygame.

If not, then is there one that is less than 5 GB in size? I am running out of storage on my tablet and I don't have money to buy a micro SD card for it.

I am using win10 x86 home edition.

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I started off 3D modelling using this free online software called Tinkercad (https://www.tinkercad.com/). You're able to export to .obj .stl and .svg. It's really simplistic and great for beginners. It is also developed by Autodesk, one of the best-known companies for their CAD software.


It isn't open source, but Onshape is real 3D solid modeling which runs in a browser. There is no installation at all. It is free for students and educators. It imports and exports to many formats.

It works remarkably well and has a lot of power. There are extensive on-line learning resources at https://learn.onshape.com/.


Sketch up is a good one to use, there is a free web version as well as a premium version, but the free version is good enough for a beginner.

Here is the link: sketchup.com

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