We are writing a Xamarin app that currently targets only iPad, but should eventually target Android as well. We would like to do a lot of automated UI testing, and are currently using Appium which is incredibly difficult to install and keep running, so we are looking for alternate solutions.

We're looking at Xamarin UI Test, but it appears that (1) it only works in debug builds, and (2) the app you run is special for testing (it's the same source code as the released app, but you add the "ENABLE_TEST_CLOUD" symbol).

Because of the industry we're in, we really need to run these tests on the exact same binary app file that we are planning to ship, so that means (1) release build, and (2) no #defines different.

Are there any automated UI frameworks besides Appium that work nicely with Xamarin apps? Or at the very least a framework that allows us to write one test that will test both Android and iOS, even if the test is run on two different test harnesses on the two platforms?

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