Currently we are using Presto (v0.215) with Cassandra (v3.11.3) to perform our development work to get data processed to create insights and display it on dashboards. But, we have seen lot of latency issues to get the results out faster and now we are trying to evaluate if GraphQL can mitigate our complex queries (We are using ruby scripts) to complete it faster then Presto. In our use case as mentioned we use Presto to read from Cassandra and process the logic or calculation, then write it back to cassandra for future use of data to get required insights.

In our logic we use join's of tables using prestocli and processing these joins takes time, so we are thinking to evaluate GraphQL (As we can get data processed faster), but I didn't find much detailed steps to configure GraphQL over Cassandra (I got few but not that helpful).

Wanted to know if someone has this kind of requirement detailed documented so that we copy... or suggest us if we can use a better tool... I can share more data to access this use case.

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