I'm currently looking to blow new life into a WinForms visual basic desktop application ( which got developed over the previous 20 years). I'd like to renew the UI to modern times and also make a mobile application out of it. The whole application is currently using entity framework and is based on big data SQL server's.

Is there a framework/way of working that jumps into your mind when you hear this problem?

I have looked into electron/Ionic which uses javascript instead of Visual Basic. Ofcourse this would mean that the whole application needs to be rewritten.

Speed is one of the #1 factors concering this application so i'm unsure about making it into a website using asp.net

Thanks for your insights.

  • Most likely you'll need to rewrite a large chunk of the UI anyway, as a phone program is displayed and interacts with the user substancially differently than a normal desktop program. – Alejandro May 22 '19 at 19:47

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