I'm looking for some software that I can set up with AWS, GCP, or some other cloud services that allows me to serve a VM to customers with pre-installed software and customer specific files.


  • The customer must be able to read and write files I want to give them.

  • The customer must not be able to read or write files intended for other customers.

  • The customer is not expected to have locally installed software for reading or writing the files.

My Solution

My imagined solution is some kind of system that allows the customer to log in, request access to their files, and they're given an IP address that they can use Remote Desktop to view. Each VM would be the same except for a virtual partition where their files are stored. When they're done, the VM would close so it doesn't eat cloud resources and run up a bill.

I'm not super familiar with these cloud systems and it would probably be a fair amount of work for me to build, but this seems general enough that someone might already have a fitting solution, but I can't find anything online.

Does anyone have recommendations for something that meets my needs?

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