I am working on building a dashboard/ interactive web application that pulls from a database to show the data in the form of interactive graphs, models that can change overtime. The data I'm using is in PostgreSQL/ pgAdmin. This is an internship project.

I am trying to piece all the languages and frameworks I need to learn to do this. It seems I will need at least HTML, CSS, JS and a Javascript framework that enables making graphs/ charts etc. But I know I need a language/ framework for the server side, to connect the database to the server. I'm having some difficulty figuring out how exactly this works and what missing pieces I need to connect the components.

I believe I should be writing SQL commands to access the data, but I'm reading that hardcoding SQL logic is a bad idea in the event that the database scheme were to change, etc. So you're supposed to use an Object Relational Mapper. I'm quite confused about what to use. Do I need to use python and then connect the client and server side with Node.js? I saw a recommendation for that, but I don't understand how.

Overall, this is my main question. Can someone tell me all the components I need to build this web application that pulls from a database and displays graphs? Also any recommendations for languages frameworks that would help?

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