I found a website which is giving you a tasks and you (as user) should complete them. Tasks are related with searching in google. Example for 1 task:


1.0. Open google and search for 'youtube to mp3'
1.1. Open link with heading - 'YouTube to MP3 Converter - Convert YouTube to MP3 in seconds' 
1.2. Stay in the website 200 seconds
1.3. Open 2 more pages
1.4. Task is completed


And there is google chrome extension which is tracing for the sub-tasks performing.

I found a similar website and I thing thats open source. Also I have the google chrome extension code, you can download it here -> https://mega.nz/#!H9omkAIa!5S2fgUpOimnGw9ptUL-BTWH9cWnrNSjvfsp7mzlGmvo

Does anyone know something about this?

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