I am looking for an Android and iOs app to track my friends when we meet. If I can't find a good one, I may develop my own, so feel free to add features which you would like as comments.

  • can have its own contact list, or use my phone's
  • one of us creates a meeting, either at current location, or by searching, and gives a date & time, or "now"
  • invitations are sent to the others
  • the status of each is shown, to all - accept/tentative/decline/no reply yet
  • each of them can choose when to make their location known, X minutes before rendezvous time (that might be overkill? Either the same time for all, or always on?)
  • a status page, showing the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each, updated every minute. Note that each user may choose to say how they are travelling - by car, public transport, foot; if they don't, the app will show all possibilities
  • show each user on a map, with ETA
  • is chat necessary? if the people know each other, they are probably already in each other's WhatsApp, etc
  • can support multiple planned rendezvous
  • any other nice features?

Preferably free, but up to about Eur 5, or maybe even 10

  • do you know of such an app?
  • if not, would you use one?
  • would you pay a few Euros for it?
  • any other features?

Just to be clear, i want & need something like this. I would much rather that someone recommend one. Coding my own is a last resort; life is too short.

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