I want to run this API request on Win10:

curl 'https://api.co2signal.com/v1/latest?countryCode=DK' -H 'auth-token: 2905e4afe4a7eb88'

I tried to run in in Command Prompt, Git Bash, Postman, but I always have this error:

"message": "No API key found in headers or querystring"

What am I doing wrongly? My friend ran it successfully in Terminal on a Mac.

Original web page with the code: https://docs.co2signal.com/#introduction

Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm a beginner in this topic.


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I'd skip the command line on a Windows machine, and just use Postman

Can do all of what curl does with a nice GUI front end.

  • I upvoted you on the general principle that I love Postman; however, the OP explicitly states that Postman does not work for him in Windows (which sounds very strange to me). In any case, the question is badly off-topic here
    – Mawg
    Jun 19, 2019 at 8:51

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