I'm looking for a program for Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 that can take a folder containing PDF files as input, and output for each PDF how many pages it contains.

Any license or price is fine.

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Using exiftool you could use this command:

exiftool -PageCount -ext pdf /path/to/pdfs/files/

If you need to recurse into subdirectories, add -r. You can list multiple directories for the command and it will process them all.


You can use cpdf (Microsoft Windows/Linux/Mac OS X) and Iterate over all files in a directory using a 'for' loop.

To print the number of pages in one PDF:

cpdf.exe -pages "my file.pdf"

In Microsoft Windows, to print the number of pages in all the PDF files the current folder contains in cmd.exe:

for /r %i in (*.pdf) do cpdf.exe -pages "%i"

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