I've been trying to find an RTSP server that fits my needs to no avail. I was wondering if this specific use case is possible: an RTSP server that allows the video being streamed to start from the beginning every time the link is accessed

I'm currently using FFmpeg + FFserver to stream a file, but every time I would access the link that FFserver gives me, it starts from where it is currently being streamed (and not from the top).

An example of what I would like to achieve would be this link: rtsp:// Every time I access the link (through FFplay or VLC), the video starts from the top.

I guess what I would like to achieve is a kind of "Youtube" effect, that every time I visit a video link, I start from the top, and not like a live stream effect.

If this is possible with FFserver, I would like to know how. If not, what alternatives are there?

Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you!

  • You want "on demand streaming" not "live streaming". Which means you probably don't need RTSP either.... Lots of choices out there now, both Free and free and non-free and commercial, I've used Wowza but mostly for live stuff. – ivanivan May 18 '19 at 16:55

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