From a mobile-first static CSS file (minified) I'd like to remove all @media queries, so that the site will always show as on mobile, is there any command/tool to process (.min).css files in that way? (I'm looking around but found nothing yet)



I found and used postcss-filter-mq that removed the media queries correctly but something else is wrong with the website.

For anyone who could be interested, initialize a npm project

npm init

Install postcss and the media query filter

npm install --save-dev postcss postcss-filter-mq

add/edit index.js

var postcss = require("postcss"),
    filtermq = require("postcss-filter-mq"),
    fs = require('fs');

fs.readFile('input.min.css', function(err, css) {    
    postcss([ filtermq({invert: true, keepBaseRules: true}) ])
        .process(css, { from: "input.min.css", to: "output.min.css" })
        .then(function (result) {
            fs.writeFileSync("output.min.css", result.css);
            if ( result.map ) fs.writeFileSync("output.min.css.map", result.map);

run with node index.js, input/output filenames wired in the code (input.min.css output.min.css ...)

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