I'm looking for a software that manages software licenses, in particular Wordpress plugin licenses (or any PHP software licenses for that matter).

I plan to develop a WP plugin with free and pro versions. Pro version will be subscription based, and subscribers will get automatic the updates directly from my servers. Free version will be published in the WP plugin repository, and WP will manage updates in that case. Subscribers will have a license key that enables automatic updates.

I'm looking for a software that provides a PHP library and a license server. The PHP library should:

  1. offer a function to validate the entered license key against a custom license server
  2. offer a function to update the plugin from a custom URL

The license server should:

  1. provide a manual way to enter valid license keys along with their expiration date
  2. provide a manual way to extend the expiration date of an existing key
  3. run self hosted on a Linux server

Anything like that?

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