I need to start tracking the usage of a non-web, desktop application (.NET, WinForms).

Mostly things such as buttons clicked, features used, potentially also performance metrics. Ide I'm basically hesitating between 3 options, first 2 being primarily targeted for web applications:

  • Azure Application Insights

  • Google Analytics (Using a binding for .NET such as GData)

  • Some homemade solution I'm not a fan of this solution, but it does
    offer the advantage of being somewhat more easily customized to our
    needs. But it also mean we would need to develop everything to track, write to disk, send to a web server and display in a user-friendly
    way the usage data. Still wondering how this could be a cost
    effective solution.

I'd like to know, is one of these options significantly better than the others for my situation? (To track what buttons are clicked by users)

Is there another solution I'm not aware of that could potentially be used in this case?

I'm also curious to know your opinions and your experiences with these technologies.


https://www.anupams.net/azure-application-insights-google-analytics-sharepoint/ https://dev.to/expecho/monitoring-non-website-applications-using-azure-application-insights-part-1--42oa https://code.google.com/archive/p/google-gdata/

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