On my working computer, I try to access my Synology NAS Web panel (DSM) which is listening on the port 1452.

I noticed the port is blocked by the IT department. What can I do to access my Web panel without changing the port on my Synology Diskstation to for example port 80?

Can I somehow install a service on my Synology Diskstation that if I access a specific URL on port 80 it redirects me to the DSM web panel without loading it on my client on port 1452?


Check out ngrok, which from what I think it internally does is, it sets up ssh tunnel between your firewalled PC and the internet. It also gives you a DNS name for the same.

I think you should be good with the free plan, since it might be easier than SSH, VPN, or port forwarding.


Only way to do this would be to set up a server that redirects from 80 to 1452 with something like NGINX but ultimately you still need to communicate with 1452, so if NGINX is somewhere that can't reach that port you won't have it.

If you have a way to install the web panel yourself you can try to set it up inside Docker which you can tell to bind its 1452 container port to the host's 80 port.

Shorter solution however is asking IT to whitelist the port.

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    Or use a SSH tunnel.... or a VPN.
    – ivanivan
    May 15 '19 at 14:42

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