Is anybody aware of a solution for managing vendors without having to create a unique database from scratch?

I'm looking for the following features:


  • Ability to assign notes to vendor
  • Ability to assign ratings to performance (think Yelp)
  • Ability to maintain generic list of projects
  • Ability to assign vendors to projects
  • Ability to assign 2-layers of vendors (i.e. assign level 1 vendor: manufacturer and a level 2 vendor: contractor)
  • Ability to assign vendors as "types" such as "plumber" or "HVAC contractor"


  • Ability to assign vendors to regions
  • Ability to preliminarily assign multiple vendors to projects prior to final selection

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You can use one of the open source CRM systems like SuiteCRM for this:

  • You can set up a Vendor as an "Account".
  • You can add a new "Vendor Type" field via its "Studio" to denote Manufacturer/Contractor or sub-types like Plumber etc.
  • It has Notes so can be assigned to Vendor.
  • For ratings, you can also create an additional field via its "Studio".
  • It has a "Projects" facility which can be created and assigned to Vendors.
  • Ability to assign 2-layers of vendors: depends on what you mean here. But I believe can be done once appropriate fields created.
  • It is PHP/MySql, Open source, so can be self-hosted.
  • It probably has much more than you need (Calls, Meetings, etc). So you may have to hide or disable some of the modules.

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