I want to make a kind of editing software. The software isn't for editing, but it uses some fundamentals of an image editing software. I want to add these features in:

  1. Setting a background image.
  2. Add "waypoints" on the background image. The waypoints are represented as an image. The user should have the ability to rotate the image (waypoint) and move it with the mouse.
  3. The program should draw a visual path from each waypoint to the other;
  4. In the end, the software needs to save a text file which is generated by the waypoints the user has placed in.

I already programmed something similar in unity and c# but I want to make it with a tool that's more intended for it.

Also, I prefer to use C# as the programming language.

I've linked the Unity program so you can see what I mean (It's not completely finished).

Download Program (Press G to generate path, Press M to animate it).

Any ideas of something I can use? Thanks in advance.

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