I have searching about a few days, for recommendations about to use or not Orientdb with Django for a social network project, but I have found different opinions with many differences. I read some interesting opinions about the Orientdb advantages, but also I found a couple of pages talking about to not use Orientdb (But I do not intend to discredit Orientdb).

First of all, Orientdb is a project that has a several months-years without commits in its related libraries (for example Pyorient) for different reasons, or project that are not offering maintenance. Isn't exists an ORM for Orientdb-Django (there was a project in the past: Djangorient), but Orientdb accepts HTTP requests and it appaers to have a PyOrient OGM to work with it, but I haven't found many examples about it (here here). Orientdb appaers to be a lot of better that another graphs Nosql db, like Neo4j (deepper and faster). I would like to know if exists a real production project using Django (with Rest Framework) + Orientdb and the experience of use it.

In the other hand, exists a posibility to use a couple of Nosql database (Mongo + Neo4j or Postgres + Neo4j). In that case I have experience working with Postgres, but I have read a several opinions to not use Django + Mongo because that combination lose the advantages of use DRF. About to use Neo4j with Python/Django apparently exists more (recently) documentation. In case of choice this option, which of these combination will be better?

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