I want to make a dedicated wall-fastened touch screen that will control our smart home, that would sport our own animated custom Star Trek-themed GUI. I can buy a decent LCD display that connects to the Raspberry PI, which will interact with our existing home automation. The part I am missing is the GUI - I want to a smooth and animated GUI that can interact with the Python libraries I have.

I expect the library will help to create my own animations that would run smoothly. I could use (and learn) OpenGL for that, but that feels to be too low-level - it is just an amateur project. My feeling is that PyOpenGL can be good enough, but I gladly consider alternatives, especially those that are geared towards producing 2D effects/animations.

I am a data scientist and the last time I have implemented a GUI was 20 years ago on Windows 95 ;-). The only general-purpose languages I feel comfortable are C++ and Python, but I am also open to others.

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