We would like to create a new software client that will run on a Windows environment that will listen to another, separate software system's input and then connect to our cloud environment to query the entered data.

So years ago this would have been written in Visual Basic, but now we're thinking it should be a .Net architecture. It will simply be waiting for a field of an existing program to be populated and then take that data and query our system to return information based on it.


A call center has a Call Handling System Software which allows the operator to enter details about the incoming call and then submit to create a call report. One of the key incoming variables will be the caller's number. We are researching the possibilities/recommendations on how we could allow the operator to enter the phone number into a separate software system's input form, but allow our client software (installed on that computer) to take that phone number that was entered and then query our cloud database environment to potentially return information on that number which is stored in our systems.

Any ideals on architecture, approaches, etc. would be greatly appreciated. This will be used to properly evaluate potential resources to develop.

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