I have to create an application using canvas to simulate the "Game of Life" and similars celular automatas. I will use the html5 canvas with javascript but I wanted to get some lib or component with the basic tools (Line Tool, Rect Tool, Copy and Paste Tool, Grid, Zoom, etc.) to help me to not need to create these basic things. I've already used the "Golly Software" to test celular automatas and this software uses a paint component with a lot of utilities I think. So, is there some lib to do it in Web Programing using HTML5 Canvas?

Thanks a lot!

Tried: Searched about tools and checked Fabric.js, Pixel Art Canvas. These libs are not aplicable to my case.

Looking for: A HTML5 Canvas Lib or Component with basic tools like Line tool, Rect Tool, Copy and Paste tool, Grid, Zoom, Color Pallete maybe.

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