We are running a few production servers, and have tried a few uptime monitor systems to track the site uptimes:

  • uptimerobot
  • stackdriver
  • stackuptime

We use this with two main goals:

  1. Be warned of downtime events (so our IT team can solve any problem quickly
  2. Be able to document and report our downtime (to ensure our SLA is ok, and to monitor the server provider's SLA with us)

We are struggling to find a methodology/solution that helps us achieve the following:

  1. Keeps the history of all the downtime events (even the paid versions of the abovementioned services only store for X amount of time)
  2. We can categorise/comment on the reason for the event (e.g. to distinguish between planned and unplanned downtimes)
  3. We can create a monthly history of uptime % (to monitor and evaluate our SLA and our provider's)
  4. Retrospectively perform this analysis (e.g. if the team forgot to log the uptime % of a server for a time period 6 months ago, we need to be able to retrospectively determine this - aside, of course, from triggering a Corrective Action in our quality system to prevent this oversight from happening in the future)

What would your recommendations be?

  • And again: almost every enterprise-grade monitoring system can do this. E.g. Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga, OpenNMS, etc. – Lenniey May 10 '19 at 9:55

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