Looking for an open source tool to accomplish this goal.

Given a flowchart file, I would like to convert the flowchart "data" into a file with a set of action paths to test the system represented by the flowchart.

If the output of the tool is a text file, that is fine. If the text file can be opened in a spreadsheet program, that's a bonus.

Secondarily, given that there may be a large number of combinations, I may seek to simplify the combinations into some basic path combinations.

Background: I have only basic math and coding/scripting skills, so please take this question at face value, with basic meaning of terms.

The MS Office Excel to Vision Process Map feature is an example of the flow from data to diagram. My goal is to go the other direction, from diagram to data. The example below uses the Excel process map to represent the flow. This is only an excerpt of the entire flow. I will also attempt to attach the spreadsheet.

Example: process-map-partial

link to excel sheet file: https://github.com/testmonger/testmanage/blob/master/user%20login%20process%20map.xlsx

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