I'm seeking recommendations for a portable chromium-based web browser for Windows.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Must be truly portable: No writing to the Windows registry, no saving or modifying files outside of its designated folder(s)
  • Must be based on the chromium rendering engine
  • Must keep up with chromium releases without falling too far behind (a browser with a new version released once per year will not be adequate)
  • Must be standalone: Must not require the use of a supporting platform (such as the PortableApps.com platform)
  • Must not have any trackers, adware, ad targeting, spyware, etc.
  • Must be gratis (free of cost)

Strongly prefer open-source, but this is not a requirement.

Also prefer if it can handle Skype web-app video calls, but this is not a requirement; if you happen to know, please include in your answer (if you don't know, that's okay too).

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