I cannot load Anaconda (or equivalent) onto my machine and would like to practice python coding through a web browser. Additionally, I would like to work with a dataset on a cloud

Is there a cloud-service or other solution that will let me do both?

If not, can I practice python through a web browser with data on my local machine?

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There are a lot of possibilities:

  • There are services such as Python Anywhere that allow you to use python in a web browser initially free & Repl IT also supports other languages
  • You can use the binder service to try Jupyter Notebooks or JupyterLab
  • Services that let you run python in Jupyter Notebooks such as:
  • You can install WinPython to a USB stick and run python from there - always free
  • You could get a Raspberry Pi which comes with Python pre-installed if you get one of the kits that has the SD card with Rasperian installed.

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