Is it possible that we can use python or other language to fetch json data from website and posting on ms excel for enterprise purpose

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Of course it is.

You actually have multiple methods to choose from but one of the easiest is to use the following libraries, (all pip installable):

  • To get the data from the web site: requests, (pip install requests to install).
  • To read the json: json, (built-in but there are some possible alternatives).
  • To output to an Excel compatible format - use any of:
    • csv *(built in and can create files that Excel can read),
    • xlwt (pip install - can produce XLS files),
    • pyexcel (pip install - can produce multiple formats of file),
    • pandas (pip install - can produce XLSX files),
    • win32com + Excel - (pip install - can produce XLSX files) the only option that requires Excel on the machine getting the data.

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