So its been about two years since I've done any web development and recently I've been asked to redesign and create a my church's website. Since its just composed of basic pages holding info theres nothing really technical about them. My only concern is the calendar section, I'm wondering what technology should I use for the calendar in order for someone at the church to be able to update events on the calendar site.


There is a drupal distribution called OpenChurch which can get you started. It probably has a lot more than you need though e.g.

  • calendar/events
  • blog
  • gallery
  • social media integration
  • podcast page for sermons, etc.

But you could switch-off the stuff you don't need. I have played with it in the past for a project.

You can also self-host as it is opensource.


I would suggest using a static web site generator such as the Python ones listed here. This would let you have a source page, (in plain text/markdown), for them to edit and then a script to publish it to the server.

  • Python is Free and most/all of the tools listed in the linked article are as well so no costs. So no financial burden
  • Python and the associated tools can run on many platforms from Raspberry Pi up including older hardware often what is available
  • Once it is all set up the technical knowledge required is minimal.
  • The church can use the blogging facility to post thoughts for the day/week/month easily.

I would specifically recommend Pelican with Invoke to publish it, Nikola or Hyde are also good for the site generation.

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