Is there any way to create something like REST API with dns? equal to ZVELLO and ABUSIX(https://docs.abusix.ai/docs/example-queries)?

Example query invalid:

dig +short record.NO-APIKEY.example.domain.zone.
"FAILURE: Invalid authorization"

Example query valid:

dig +short record.APIKEY.example.domain.zone.
"SUCCESS: Valid authorization"
  • 1) putting something that should stay confidential (APIKEY) in a DNS records means it is readable by many parties as records are not encrypted, so that information will leak and enumerate queries are possible to discover all possible values... Not a good idea I think 2) you need to use a nameserver than can be plugged with dynamic backends to respond differently to things that can not be encoded in a zonefile, or you need to construct your zones with all possible allowed API keys and accept that others will be replied with NXDOMAIN. – Patrick Mevzek May 5 at 19:52

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