We're looking for recommendations for an RDA tool to automate many small tasks on our clients' legacy systems. We seek a product (or suite) that...

  • can be programmed for UI interaction with web pages, applications including
    • basic editing (e.g. select, copy, paste, input)
    • basic navigation (e.g. click, double-click, page up/down, scroll up/down/left/right)
    • targeted data-scraping, OCR if required
    • scriptable data-manipulation including string and arithmetic functions
    • able transmit data via HTTP while running
  • has a RESTful API:
    • ability to trigger/launch an RDA task remotely via RESTful request
    • query the status of a task (busy, available, etc)
    • RESTful API requests may include parameters to be used by the task
  • and has these non-functional features:
    • not cloud-only
    • development environment: IDE or development tools

We've evaluted MANY RPA tools like WorkFusion, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Pega, etc. They're ALL VERY expensive and their focus is on the business process automation, not the RDA.

We've also tried tools like Scrapy and Selenium, but they are not "systems" with APIs. Mozenda came close, but price and h/ware requirements were excessive.

We seek recommendations for products in-between the high-end RPAs and low-level web ui-testing systems.

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