I have a Python script that appends data to a text file multiple times/second. The data is housed in JSON structure.

Currently, I use a program called Filebeat to insert data into an ELK stack. I like Filebeat because:

  1. It works "behind the scenes"
  2. It's run asynchronously/externally from the Python script
  3. It's easy to configure
  4. It can run on Windows or Linux

I would now like to insert the logs into a Postgres database, instead of an ELK stack. Let's assume the JSON data adheres to a set schema, and that the Postgres database uses that schema.

Is there a program out there that:

  • Monitors a directory or file for modification
  • Inserts the data appended into the Postgres database
  • Can do bulk insertions every X hours

Thank you in advance for your help!

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