I'm looking for a good torrent client for Linux. Most clients I've tried (Transmission, Deluge) often "forget" about completed jobs and starts full recheck for an unknown reason, it is very annoying. Other wishes:

  • The client must support location renaming (Transmission does not).

  • It should be lightweight (don't suggest Vuze).

  • It should be tolerant to disk plugging/unplugging, poor network connection, etc. and resume download jobs automatically.

  • It should be pretty fast. For some reason average download speed with all Linux clients I've tried is much worse than with uTorrent on Windows on the same PC.


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I'm currently using rtorrent with the rutorrent front-end.

The nice things about it are that it's insanely fast, uses very little resources on the system it runs on, and with the web user interface, is as good as a local client.

However, rtorrent on its own can be a little hard to use:

rTorrent Konsole UI

and it lacks RSS feed support. I use rutorrent as a front end, with an RSS plugin

rutorrent UI

Even without UTP support, it's blisteringly fast, and after the initial setup works perfectly — I have this running on an old PC which does my downloads and I manage it remotely.

I do note that this doesn't seem to have any form of authentication for the web UI, so if you're running one on a public-facing server, secure it appropriately!

  • I switched to this from qbitorrent. Basically rtorrent is fast but hard to use. rutorrent is just a nice skin over it. There is no reason you can't use rtorrent on its own in screen or on a terminal, other than needing to remember how to use it. Commented Feb 7, 2014 at 13:00

My current choice is qBittorrent (wiki), in general, I like it and it conforms most of my needs: it is lightweight, fault-tolerant and supports location renames.

However, QBitTorrent isn't as fast as I would like it to be, also, it emits too much warning messages when something goes wrong (for example, a hard drive is unplugged).

qBittorent Screenshot
Click to view in higher resolution

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    I'd add that this is based on the other libtorrent (libtorrent rasterbar), and supports a lot of things newer varients of bitorrent support. While my specific needs weren't met (like being able to add rss feeds headless), its a great client. Its also worth noting you can run this headless as qbitorrent-nox and administer is purely through the webui. Commented Feb 8, 2014 at 1:47

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