Could you guys recommend me a software that can:

  • Download today's FOREX data only.
  • Forex Currencies must contain Peso, Yen, Chinese yuan (Please correct me if I'm wrong), Euro. (If it can be modified, it would be awesome).
  • The data must be like $1 = PHP 51.83 as an example.
  • The data can be exported into a CSV file
  • The exported file must contain all the data of today's Forex
  • Must be user friendly and preferably free

I tried to use TickStory but it's a tad tedious to use because I have to download the data that I want, before exporting them to Excel. I also cannot download today's file, which is one of the important feature that I want.


I might not be clear enough so I thought I need to indicate the exact format of the software that I want to have (or maybe something near this)

Please do take a look at this picture; it came from Yahoo! Finance, but I can't export it into CSV file.

enter image description here

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