I am looking for a free email reminders application that will allow me to create a list of clients and a list of services. I then will:

  • select a client
  • select a service
  • select a date and time

Depending on my selections the application should be able to send an email to the client 24Hrs and 1Hr before his appointment, saying something like "Dear $client your appointment for $service is scheduled at $date $time"

I don't need any calendar integrations or anything else. A standalone app will do just fine.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Any available app to do this will likely be an appointment calendar app; it's the most sensible way of handling generating the data. This is essentially what Google Calendar does when you set reminders. – Jeff Zeitlin May 1 '19 at 16:59
  • This is not an appointment calendar app. It's a reminders app. Also google does not support adding services. – aristosv May 4 '19 at 17:17
  • What do you perceive as the difference between a 'reminders app' and an 'appointment calendar'? I will grant that Google Calendar - i.e., a personal calendar app - may not be what you need, but the sort of appointment management system that a doctor - or an investment counselor, or other client-facing professional - would use for their practice is likely to suit your described need. – Jeff Zeitlin May 5 '19 at 12:09

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