My context is I have an application (consider it as a black box for now) deployed on a JBoss server. I am in the process of analyzing and studying the application and has a very limited time frame to study it.

In addition, I am able to run the application on an IDE (IntelliJ) on Debug mode. (Just FYI)

I am looking for a short cut to code coverage for above mentioned Java application deployed on a JBoss app server. Below is my specific requirement about the code analysis/coverage tool:

  1. It can be a standalone Tool or IDE plugin or co-deployable on JBoss server.

  2. Coverage should be based on the live User interaction with the deployed application and may or may not based on any automation, because I don't have working automation currently.

  3. It should easily readable report live coverage and not a static code analysis.

  4. I should be able to drill down into reports to see specific class and methods covered (having % coverage would be an additional bonus, but not necessarily my requirement)

  5. Prefer a open source tool/plugin.

    Is there any tools/plugins which closely matches my requirement? Something like a heat map for Java code.

Also, I am not sure if code coverage OR Profiler that would match my requirement.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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