I want to create a web based software that process data on server side as below:

  • data are text file, 2 column time and value
  • data should be uploaded by the user as client per browser
  • i do some code in python that process data and perform some math computing on my desktop and i want the server do that (python)
  • processed data come back to client side as some tabbed page visualize processed data in browser (bokeh, plotly ...)
  • some charts and data needed to be downloadable as plain text or excel(.xls) files

I search about the topic and know i need help about these problems:

  1. Which framework i should work on, i choose flask but i am not sure
  2. For frontend of the website i choose bootstrap, but i think about React and Angular
  3. The process and computation should be done on the server side not client side, what should i do?
  4. For visualization i choose plotly but what about bokeh and other library as D3?
  5. Is it better to upload data to a Database or upload it as text file and use it on server in the performance and speed aspect
  6. Which type of DataBase is the best choose?
  7. Any other recommendation?

These are all i need to know

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