I would like to know if it is possible for multiple users to log-in remotely into a Mac system and doing their work independently at the same time?

Each user has his own desktop (window machine). Is this possible? If yes, which software does it require?

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This is supported by the standard Screen Sharing feature of macOS, according to this answer on Ask Different:

macOS Sierra still supports multiple simultaneous connected users. In the example below Sierra is running in a VM and admin is logged in. user is a remote screen sharing session from the VM host machine (10.9.5) – an iMac – and root is a remote session from a MacBook Pro (10.11.6):

enter image description here

If your clients are other Macs, they'll have a built-in Screen Sharing app; if you want to connect with Windows or other Unix clients, you can use any client that supports the VNC protocol, e.g. RealVNC.

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