TLDR: Using mySQL

Running database locally on computer

Windows only

Not looking to pay money

Looking for simple language/framework to create UI to manipulate and view tables

I have a simple mySQL database that I need to be able to create a ~3 page UI for. It's a pretend car renting service so I need to be able to display different VIEWS for the customer to see the available cars, and for employees to modify tables in the database. Ideally it would have "login" for a user and an employee, but if worst comes to worst this can just be comparing a value in a text field to a value in a table.

I mostly just need the basics, and will be adding more intricate details later. I just need a simple application front-end application/webpage that can run locally and is hopefully simple to learn.

This is a school project and currently the ones assigned the front-end are trying to use Python with Django to create a webpage for it, and looking at Django it seems way over my head, and my team is having a hard time learning even the basics of it. Is there a simple language/framework that can send queries and see views from a mySQL database? Doesn't have to be pretty, but none of us have done front-end work and this project was kind of thrown on us with "figure it out yourself". Thanks!

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