I need to protect two machines, both are running W10; one is my work PC and the other a gaming PC. Actually Im running GData Is on both, but it seems it is draining more resources at every update, and occasionally some modules goes offline.

I came with a list of possible candidates to replace my GData but I'm open to other suggestions, it doesnt have to be one app for both PCs but if advisable I can purchase two different products:

  • Symantec Endpoint Cloud
  • Cylance
  • Carbon Black
  • BitDefender ZeroDay
  • Sophos InterceptX
  • Palo Alto Networks XDR
  • Webroot
  • Comodo

I need a solution to protect from logacy viruses and more recent RansomWare malwares other than network attacks. Someone suggested to implement a firewall separately from AV solution.

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