After using TeamViewer for years, it has finally shut itself down, declaring I am using it for commercial use. I use it between my surface, pc at home and pc at work. I tried explaining to them that I have a different 4 user licence at work to remote to our clients, and this was personal use. But no go.

I have tried TightVNC, its way too slow and dicey.

What I need

  • Secure, two passwords are good (one into account and then into my pc)
  • Free or Reasonable cost
  • Some sort of support for multiple monitors (one at a time is fine)
  • Two windows hosts
  • Access my hard disk and run local apps (I dont need to play games or do development)

I dont care

  • If it uses port forwarding on my host pc
  • If I have to install a Pi at both hosts (especially if it boosts security)

I dont want

  • VPN as this gets dicey when I am travelling
  • A recurring charge

Nice to Have

  • Android Support (Client)
  • Raspberry Pi Support (Host)

I have looked at a few, but there are so many. Many also lie about their free status. But I dont mind paying, just not a ridiculous amount. And I hate SAS type licenses. Radadmin looks ok at $49 but thats only one host. I can buy two licenses. But is it any good ?

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