I'm working on a software project in C# whose source code is mostly is compiled to one assembly. Let's call it Monolith.dll. I have since decided that I should probably split Monolith.dll into smaller assemblies. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this question, Monolith.dll's intra-assembly dependencies are somewhat complicated.

Specifically, my needs are:

  • I'm not interested in Monolith.dll's dependencies on other assemblies, projects, or solutions.
  • I want to know which classes in Monolith.dll use which other classes in Monolith.dll.
  • This is my project, so I have complete control of the source code for Monolith.dll.
  • I use Linux, so any recommendations must run on it. It's okay if there's no GUI.
  • The project is written entirely in C#; there is no unmanaged code.

What tools are available that will let me do this, and how can I use them?

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