Currently I'm using Wordpress, and I making use of the database of phpMyAdmin. I've been experiencing log in issues for a while.

When I try to log in with the latest given password I get the notification: "incorrect password." I have to use the 'forgot password' option to log in. But I can use that password for just only one time. When I try to log in a second time, I get the same ''Incorrect password" notification. I have to use the 'forgot password?' option over and over again to be able to log in... It seems like the database keeps forgetting my password. I have multiple websites in this database with the same issue.

The same problem when I change the password in my database for an user. Still can't login so I have to use that forgot password option.

Where's the problem? Is it my webhost, database, Wordpress or something else? I'm really looking forward to a helpful response. Thanks!

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