I am looking for a program, user script, or web browser extension that can download all videos of a Twitch channel.

https://github.com/Franiac/TwitchLeecher is great to download 1 given video, but cannot download all videos of a Twitch channel (one would need to copypaste all the video URLs or IDs into TwitchLeecher).

Any license, price, web browser and operating system is fine.

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Youtube-DL is a python based command line program, (with a Windows executable also available), which allows downloading videos from various sources, including twitch, (you will probably need to pass your login details in the .netrc authentication.

Among the extractors you can find: twitch:chapter, twitch:clips, twitch:profile, twitch:stream, twitch:video, twitch:videos:all, twitch:videos:highlights, twitch:videos:past-broadcasts, twitch:videos:uploads & twitch:vod

You can download from playlists, channels, etc., and use the output templates to organize the files.

  • Free, gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform
  • You can use --sleep-interval & --max-sleep-interval to avoid problems with the rate limiting that exists on some sites.

To download Twitch clips, ZeTwitch is a useful tool:

  • price: 7 to 9 USD
  • videos can easily download in different formats.
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