I scan all my files into a scanner folder,

they get the name "Scan001;Scan002;Scan003" ...you get the idea.

Then after couple months i have to stop for a day or something, go one by one and check them, change name and then put them in the right folderthe later part i know i can do easily with a batch,

 check name, if name = invoiceabc then move to folder invoiceabc

but after trying a lot of different software i just can't manage to do the first part.

i'm thinking of something that does this

I open one example pdf, set a OCR Zone, around the name "invoiceabc" and set it as a template for invoiceabcthen i run that software with the template on the scanner folder, and it checks every pdf, those who are from invoiceabc get renamed "invoiceabc1;invoiceabc;...."

Is there such a tool for it? or am i better off setting 15 different scanning profiles on my scanner?

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