I just heard shoebox is shutting down. I have less than a month to find a replacement and transfer all my photos to it. There is no indication of why they are shutting down, if you know please add a comment!

What similar photo storage services would you recommend as a replacement?

Google photos is one option but we already share too much with Google. The top five according to slant are:

  1. Google photos
  2. Pixpa
  3. SmugMug
  4. iCloud
  5. Flickr

Ideally I want:

  • online backup
  • automatic upload apps
  • random memories sent
  • reasonable assurances the service won't shut down suddenly

Nice to have:

  • open source - so I can mirror / self-host in the event of the cloud service being decommissioned.
  • I'd prefer to support a smaller player than google or facebook if possible.

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