My client is asking for creating the iPhone app using Objective C instead of Swift. I know this is not a good idea. But I wonder can I write Objective C in XCode 10. Can someone please guide me the requirements for this. I mean which version of OS and XCode is required for Objective C coding.


Objective C remains fully supported by Apple and there are a number of situations where Swift has not been fully thought out. That’s why Swift 5 is just being released.

Kinda like how so many people complain about C++ but just about every foundational application - operating systems, compilers, drivers - are written in C/C++.

ALL versions of XCode, for the foreseeable future will support Objective C.

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    I can feel your enthusiasm for helping others. However, this question is off-topic on this site and thus shouldn't be answered. Please refrain from answering off-topic questions on any SE sites. – Andrew T. Apr 26 '19 at 2:20

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