I am going to develop a social networking site. For the purpose of this question you can think of typical social network site which has these features:

  1. Login using Facebook, Google+, Mobile & OTP

  2. Timeline

  3. User profile (Create, update, delete)

  4. Create/share Tet/Audio/Video posts

  5. View analytics

  6. Filters to block adult/inappropriate posts

  7. Payment gateway

The question is what front-end and back-end technologies would be most appropriate to build such such website (and also its smartphone app)?

As long as my analysis goes I decided to use these:

Angular+Bootstrap, JQuery, Apache (for backend), Google Analytics

Have I made right decisions? I am looking for

  1. Suggestions on technologies

  2. Is Apache good choice or shall I go for Node.js?

  3. Which technology would be good to post audio/videos?

  4. How much timeframe (in man-days) should I be expecting to develop a working website.

Many thanks

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