I am planning to develop a libfuse based project using python. I already have a PoC implemented using the fusepy. However, I see that there also exists python-fuse which calims to support a new API, although otoh, fusepy does not claim to not support this new API.

I do not yet know enough about libfuse (ie: the new API and how it differs to the old) to weigh the tradeoffs for each of these.

At first glance fusepy appears to have a simpler, approachable api. Both modules appear to work well with python3 and both appear relatively active.

Not sure whether it makes a difference, but I should mention that I am only concerned about linux compatibility (for now, but quite possibly for the lifetime of the project).

Is there a preference within the python+fuse developer community for either of these modules ?

PS: I can't seem to add a new tag for libfuse since I lack the reputation points. Could someone who can do this, please add the tag ?

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