I have a 200MB file. I want to compress this into a small file. Now I'm using TAR. but it only compresses word-like files, not binary files. So, I'm searching an alternative tool for tar to compress the binary which is also more efficient.

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    Your request is not clear to me. tar doesn't compress at all .tar file is just an uncompressed container, its gzip or bzip that compresses a tar --> .tar.gz. gzip will surely compress binaries. But if the binary file is already compressed (jpg files or alike) then no compression method will be of much help. Please clarify.
    – pLumo
    Apr 24 '19 at 7:01

p7zip is the Unix/Linux port of 7-Zip, a freeware and open source archiver which supports different compression methods through their own 7z format.

Of course, there's a practical limit to how efficient compression methods can be (for arbitrary files), but it's probably worth giving a try.


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