Is there any program that emulates a Windows filesystem folder or drive to show a remote CMIS folder and its content, just like if it were present on the local disk?

I am not looking for a tool like CmisSync which synchronizes files.

I am looking for a tool that only pretends that files are on the local disk, but actually reads/writes everything to the server directly. That means that files will not be available when offline, which is not a problem - a bit like you can mount a remote WebDAV folder so that it shows in Windows Explorer and other applications.

Editing office files directly from this folder must work.


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Not a direct solution but there is a japanese lib called JDokan (well, it's a Java wrapper over Dokan) which allow you to write file system extensions (in the same way Fuse allow you on Linux). As a Java developper, I guess it could be possible to write an implementation using OpenCMIS client lib to connect to server ...

  • I implemented your idea, see the detailed answer :-) Thanks a lot for the great tip!
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Commented Oct 9, 2015 at 13:34

I implemented @Riduidel's idea, and called it Aegif CmisDrive. I made it open source.

Aegif CmisDrive

As the screenshot above shows, you can mount any CMIS repository as a drive. I tested it with NemakiWare and Alfresco.

Not everything works, but it is sufficient for my immediate needs. Anyone feel free to propose better software if available.

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