I have a project in which we need to scan a lot of documents. Currently, I´m using Kodak Alaris Capture Pro, but it´s quite expensive

Basically, the OCR software identifying the ID Number from each document. Then, the software creates a Folder based on the ID Number of each document and place the document from that ID into its folder. If a Folder with the same ID already exists, the document is put into that folder. Each document will have a different name based on other OCR readings. At the end, the ultimate goal is that each folder has all of the information related to a certain ID number.

Is there any open software to complete this or, if not, is there any software better than Kodak´s? I prefer to pay if the software isn´t as outdated as Kodak´s and have very accurate OCR.

Thanks for the help!

Edit 1: I´m scanning the files on PDF/A. Edit 2: Basically I´m trying to read numbers, so language wouldn´t matter. The documents are on English and Spanish.

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